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Dec 21, 2022

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CoSApp - Collaborative System Approach

The primary goal of CoSApp is to help technical departments in the design of complex systems. To do so, the framework allows the simulation of various systems representing the different parts of the final product in a common environment. The consequences are the ability for each subsystem team to carry out design study with a direct feedback of the impact of parameters at the product level.

The main features are :

Butterfly effect

Coupled your preferred simulation software with CoSApp to get immediate impact on main product variables and iterates to converge on a better design.

Design guidance

All systems can share design parameters associated with an acceptable range. You can take advantage of those limited degrees of freedom without fear of breaking your neighbors’ work.

Margins & Uncertainties

All design parameters have an intrinsic dispersion. Knowing the range of fluctuations is crucial to ensure the robustness of the design. CoSApp handles natively uncertain variables.

Have a look at the introduction.

This code is the property of Safran SA. It uses code coming from various open-source projects. See LICENSE file.